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About Niko Cheung

Confidence makes Beauty



SHTOLIDA is a website run by Niko cheung.

Niko Cheung(Real name: Zhimin Zhang) was born in an ordinary family in rural. His father was a local painter, and because of this Niko Cheung was exposed to the process of color matching from a young age. Soon, he developed a special understanding of color expression, as his father often took him to the river to paint.

In 2008, when Niko was 18 years old, a fire broke out in his father’s shop, destroying much of his father’s life’s work and causing the family to lose its source of income.


BY 2011


In 2011, he successfully entered an art college, but because his family was financially backward, he decided to work part-time while studying to change his family’s financial situation. Since he didn’t have the skills to work, he wanted his father to teach him to paint. Since he had been exposed to color from a young age, he learned quickly and soon had the opportunity to work at the LIDA nail salon in town.

By 2015, NIko had mastered the art of nail art and developed an elegant, airy style of art. Although he was a boy, his work was always the most popular, and he would use beautiful paint to paint striking pieces on his clients’ nails, receiving compliments and praise from them. He hopes to one day return to his harmonious and beautiful hometown and run his own nail salon store while living in the beautiful countryside.


IN 2018


In 2018, the SHTOLIDA nail salon started out as a very small store. Niko Cheung’s ideas were good, however, the reality was that people could not accept the fact that they let boys do nail art for their fingers, and people laughed at him for not being a normal boy, so business wasn’t great at first. Niko Cheung became silent even though he was full of confidence in his skills. The store did not open for a month. When his father saw how depressed Niko had become, he knew it was a necessary process for Niko Cheung to grow up, so he decided to take him to the river to paint and relax.




Niko and his father arrived at the river with colorful paints, and his father wanted Niko to create a painting and give it to him. When he started to paint, he was confident and excited to match the various colors and end up with a beautiful piece of artwork, which was complimented on by many people. Seeing this scene, Niko Cheung had the idea to create beautiful works on his own fingers and to conquer people’s doubts about him through his works. Obviously, he found the right solution, and SHTOLIDA’s store reopened, and he often created beautiful works on his fingers and took pictures of them to hang outside the store. Fortunately, he gained recognition and more and more beauty-loving ladies visited the SHTOLIDA store and Niko Cheung became a popular person in the village.

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IN 2020


In 2020, due to COVID-19, his nail salon was forced to close down, even after they considered how to provide beautiful nails to their customers remotely. Eventually, he discovered the existence of Nail Stickers. He just needed to design beautiful patterns and send the Nail Stickers to his customers. So Niko found a strong local manufacturer of Nail Stickers to work with, and after 1 year of research, SHTOLIDA manufactured an upgraded version of Nail Stickers.

SHTOLIDA premium Nail Stickers deliver gogeous nail art without the hassle. No painting, no chemicals, no smudges and no drying time required-just peel, file and flaunt!

BY 2021


Niko is a painter and a manicurist. His designs are inspired by life and he designs Nail Stickers in styles that are usually: elegant, noble, vintage, sexy and playful.

He feels that nails are a woman’s second face. niko’s dream is to better help his clients to enhance their charm and temperament through his design philosophy and aesthetic color matching, and to be uncomplicated in their simple lives.

After six months of continuous learning and exploring, he set up his first website and started his official business on June 30, 2021, which will be another challenge for him. He hopes to use his work to attract more nail art lovers to join SHTOLIDA.


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