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Color scheme for “The Mysterious Blue Sea” nail lacquer strips

Hello friends, I’m Niko Cheung, designer of SHTOLIDA.
The inspiration for sharing this color scheme today comes from the deep blue sea 🌊. The ocean is a mysterious area of nature that is currently being destroyed, and I want to urge everyone to protect it through this color scheme 💙.
The main colors of this color scheme are blue and purple for the following reasons 👇:

1. Blue

Blue is the High cold color, very pure, giving a beautiful, sensible, noble, and vast feeling reminiscent of the vast ocean 🐳.


2. purple

  • purple gives people a noble, elegant, hard-to-capture, mysterious feeling. Purple can highlight the weird and awe-inspiring surface of the ocean 💜.
  • Blue and purple give people a bright feeling and a noble and elegant temperament through colors matching different brightness 👑.

3. The pattern of waves

The beautiful and mysterious ocean scene is abstractly depicted through the pattern of the wave pattern 🌊.

The overall color scheme gives the first impression of mystery, tallness, solemnity, temperament, and depth 💙 👑.

Niko pays tribute to the mysterious and extraordinary world of the deep sea. Nowadays, the deep sea is getting more and more polluted, and many marine creatures are suffering 🐬. We are only members of nature, not masters, and we should respect each other. To protect the ocean is actually to defend ourselves and millions of families 🌎. Today, through this color scheme, I call on everyone to pay attention to the crying sea and dedicate ourselves to protecting it together.

The name of this work is “The Mysterious Blue Ocean.” If you like my work, please let me know, like ❤, and follow me 😘 @shtolida, and I will continue to create more advanced color schemes and soulful designs to share with you.❤🧡💛💚💙💜

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