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9 Easy Tips To Make Nail Strips & Wraps Last Longer


Many people who have used nail polish strips have encountered questions as to why nail polish strips warp? Why do nail polish strips fall off easily? How to extend the service life of nail polish strips?

Come rimuovere gli adesivi per unghie?


At present, more and more people start to use nail polish strips, but many people use nail polish strips, but wrongly remove them, resulting in slight damage to the surface of the finger, although the damage is not big, but the long-term repeated incorrect operation will cause damage to the nail.

Come applicare gli adesivi per le unghie?

High-quality nail polish strips are very easy to apply, and since this product has just recently become popular, many people who want to use nail polish strips are still unsure how to use them. Today, SHTOLIDA gives you a detailed introduction on how to apply nail polish strips.

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