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100 Years of Nail Art, the 1920s to 2000s

100 Years of Nail Art, the 1920s to 2000s

Does anyone have any idea how long it has been since manicures were first created?

You’re right; if you keep up with SHTOLIDA blogs, you will recall that lacquer was first used in China in 3000 BC. It was made from Arabic gum, egg whites, and beeswax.

Listed in 10 Things, You Should Know About Gel Nails.

What about the modern manicure?

Let’s look back at the 100 years of manicures.

When someone mentions the 1920s, what is the first movie that pops into your mind?

It’s true. Mr. Gatsby, The Great Gatsby.

The 1920s saw a revolution in women’s fashion with the introduction of the 20th Century. Coco Chanel’s first clothing line was launched in the 20s. The “flappers,” evening dresses, also came into fashion. With the introduction of geometric and classic reds, manicures became more sophisticated with more refined nail styles. The moon manicure’ was a popular style that looked similar to the nails we now refer to as ‘deep french nails.

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but it’s fantastic that posh deep-french nails like N To You and N Petal have their roots in century-old nail trends!

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